Friday, May 25, 2007

"Schilling is Done"

As you know if you read my blog often, I hate the Portland sports radio station. They now have this guy on named Chris Sadanka(?) in the afternoons who likes to speculate about everything without having anything to back him up. For instance, yesterday he announced that Cindy Blodgett was coming back to coach UMaine and "she may be here for the rest of her career!"

Ummmm, Chris? She's 32 years old. Stop planning her career for her.

Anyway, another thing he likes to do is say, "Coco Crisp struck out 4 times today. He might strikeout 10 times this weekend!" I'm all for riling up your listeners, but at least have something valid to back up your point.

On to my point. This guy announced yesterday that Schilling is done, but all he said was that Schilling clearly doesn't have it anymore. Care to back that up with some facts, Chris?

My big concern with Schilling after looking at his stats is how he performs with no one on base. In 130 at-bats with the bases empty his OPSA is .903 with 5 HR allowed out of the 6 he's given up altogether. In 101 at-bats with runners on his OPSA plummets to .552. It's like he loses focus or relaxes when the bases are empty.

In reality, Schilling has been solid but has had 3 bad outings in a row, two of which were wins for the Red Sox. Bad outings happen. Slumps happen. Get over it.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Schill just likes to be more aggressive with the bases empty. He always talks about "attacking the zone" when the penalty for a hit is less. It makes sense and explains why he walks so few batters.