Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Joe Morgan's Chats are Moderated By A 5 Year Old

I can't stomach reading through a Joe Morgan chat today. My son spells better than Joe. It's really painful to read. I skimmed and I have to admit that I agreed with a lot of what he said. Shocking, I know. There was one thing that really bothered me, though:
Mike (Ann Arbor): Hi Joe. Its almost June and Carlos Delgado still has not broken out of his season-long slump. How long can Willie Randolph stay with him before a change needs to be made? Joe Morgan: Well I think he will stay with him for a while, because he is a leader. He is coming off an wrist injury, so that takes a while to come back from. But his leadership ability is just as important as his bat.
So let's assume that Rudy Giuliani is a great leader, as some people would say. Would Rudy Giuliani be a great addition to that lineup if Carlos Delgado was hitting really well but wasn't a leader? Or let's say that Delgado was batting .000 for the season, but was doing a great job "being a leader." Would the Mets still leave him in? No, this is a stupid statement by Joe.

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