Saturday, May 26, 2007

JD Drew Should Take Lessons From Mark Teixeira

Back on April 19th, Mark Teixeira was mired in a horrible slump, which is why I was able to trade a struggling BJ Ryan for him (Ryan of course went on the DL for the rest of the season the next day - lucky for me!) in one fantasy baseball league. I'm now in first place in that league and distancing myself from the pack.

Onto the main reason for this post: On the 19th of April, Teixeira announced that he felt like he was about to break out of his slump. I scoffed at the notion that you could just announce this and make it true, but Big Teix has done just that. It didn't happen immediately, but a week later he went yard in consecutive games and has hit .395 with a 1.166 OPS in May.

That's all JD Drew needs to do: announce that he's going to break out of his slump. It worked for Teixeira, why shouldn't it?

Hmm... sarcasm doesn't really come across in this medium.

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