Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Was Wrong

I know I like to toot my own horn when I'm right, but I'm going to prove that I can admit when I'm wrong, too, and there's not even proof of it! I never actually blogged about it, but before the season started I constantly talked about how the Yankees grossly overpaid for Andy Pettitte (which I still believe) and that he was washed up.

I was clearly wrong about the washed up part. He currently stands at 3-3 due to a lack of run support. His ERA is great at 2.66. His WHIP and BAA, though, are a little high at 1.35 and .267, but you could say that Pettitte is a "crafty veteran" who knows how to get out of jams. I do think he'll do fine this season, finishing with a sub-4.00 ERA and 14 wins. Is that worth $16 large? I guess it depends on who's paying. When you consider the Yankees are paying Pavano $8 million per win, they're probably not heartbroken about $1 million per win from Pettitte.

Speaking of the Yankees and overpaying, our good friend Roger Clemens "labored" last night against the Portland Sea Dogs. Yes, the AA Sea Dogs. Clemens threw more than 100 pitches in just over 5 innings, which he should expect more of in the AL East. He was outdueled by top Sox prospect Clay Buchholz, making it even better.

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