Friday, May 25, 2007

He's Alive! ALIVE!

George Steinbrenner awoke from the dead today and provided some good quotes to bloggers like me.
"(Brian Cashman is) on a big hook," a spirited Steinbrenner told The Associated Press in a rare interview from this Tampa office. "He wanted sole authority. He got it. Now he's got to deliver."
Yes, Cashman wanted sole authority, but he's still dealing with the crappy old players and bloated contracts that Steinbrenner stuck him with. This mess isn't Cashman's fault. I consider Cashman a better GM than Epstein and a better judge of young talent, but he's been hamstrung by Big Stein all these years. And the Clemens signing had Steinbrenner's fingerprints all over it. If the Yankees fail this season, Torre should get the boot, not Cashman.
"We hope we have turned it around," Steinbrenner said emphatically. The 44-year-old Clemens brings "a winning attitude," he continued. "I think Roger is capable of sparking the team. He is a veteran and will bring stability. I am happy he is coming back. I love him."
A winning attitude? Clemens is a mercenary who goes where the money is. If he wins along the way, great. And what's this stability that he brings? He'll only be around on game day. I guess you could call that stability or consistency.

Wow, see how I turned this anti-Steinbrenner post into another fine anti-Clemens post? Man, I'm good.

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