Tuesday, May 08, 2007

David Ortiz Is Not a Roider

The seemingly innocent comments David Ortiz made about not being 100% positive that he didn't inadvertently take steroids in the DR when he was younger created a storm on WEEI. Must have been a slow sports news day. Glen Ordway was yelling at callers about being naive because it was clear Ortiz had taken steroids. He asked one of the resident baseball "experts," Steve Buckley I think, about Ortiz's power numbers, and Buckley said there had been a "dramatic increase" in Ortiz's power numbers when he came to Boston. Care to back that up with some facts, Buck? I didn't think so.

How about this? David Ortiz didn't play much in Minnesota. He was young and had not yet reached his prime. Your age 27 year is generally considered a baseball player's prime, and Ortiz reached that in his first year in Boston, 2003. Here's his AB/HR progression:

2001: 16.8
2002: 20.6
2003: 14.5 Age 27
2004: 14.2
2005: 12.8
2006: 10.3
2007: 14.3

Looks like a pretty standard progression for a power hitter. Nothing dramatic. If you look at Barry Bonds, his was slightly more pronounced, but at the age of 35, when most players are declining. I hate it when sports writers and radio personalities try to make stories out of nothing and can't back it up with facts, so they just yell.

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