Friday, May 25, 2007

Big Papi Would Play For The Yankees? Say it Ain't So!

Leave it to my Yankee fan coworker to e-mail me this, which I confirmed on the Herald's website:
Unlike Johnny Damon, who once vowed he never would play for the Yankees, David Ortiz said he would not rule out playing for the Red Sox' rivals in the future. In an interview in the current issue of Time, Ortiz responded to a reader's question about playing for the Yankees by saying: "I would never say no because you never know what can happen with your career. You can never fall in love with a team."

Whaaaaaaaaaat? Noooooooo........

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Anonymous said...

I am ok with it. If the Yanks want to sign him as a 40 Year old DH with bad knees who cant run (no offense Big P)for 17 miull. a year, I can live with that. Otherwise I cant see why Papi would leave before that, he has the money the position and the fan appreciation.