Saturday, May 19, 2007

Barry Zito is Making Me Look Like a Genius

Last fall I wrote about how horrible it would be for the Sox to sign Barry Zito (check it out - it's a good read still). Zito is making me look downright prophetic so far in 2007. Remember that this guy is pitching in the NL West and signed for $126 million.

His WHIP is right in line with his statistical trend that I wrote about, at 1.42. His ERA continues in the same direction, at 5.13. He has as many walks (28) as strikeouts (30) and fewer wins (3) than losses (5).

Meanwhile, Dice-K is living up to expectations. In the post I linked above I actually assumed that they'd be paid similar dollar amounts, but Zito received significantly more money than Dice-K, with all of it going to the salary cap vs only half of Dice-K's. After analyzing his stats in Japan, I wrote:
Let's attempt to adjust for the American League difference. I don't have any proof to back this up, but I'd say a 3.50 ERA and 16 wins are pretty reasonable if his game translates to America and all sources think it should. You'd take that, right? I certainly would.
Dice-K is on pace right now for a 19-8 record and 196 strikeouts in 203 innings. And his ERA is trending downwards. You'd take that, wouldn't you? And he's only being paid $6.33 million this season.

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