Friday, May 18, 2007

ARod is to Blame For All Problems in New York

Back on April 20th I wrote about how hot ARod was, but tried to temper expectations:

I’ve long been staunchly anti-ARod, but no one can deny how well he’s performed so far. In April. Damn, I couldn’t keep the snide comments out. He’s Mr. April. Let’s wait to crown him Mr. Studly until he’s done it in a pennant race. Some of you might say all season is the pennant race in the AL East, and I agree. I’m talking about August and September, though, and ultimately October.

I think I jinxed Mr. April. He did hit 2 more home runs that week, but has hit only one since then and is in the middle of a 7-43 (.163) slump. He also does not have an RBI or a run in 9 straight games and has only 5 RBI in his last 22 games. Not coincidentally, the Yankees have lost 6 of 8 and have fallen ten games (double digits!) behind the Sox.

Yes, this makes me happy.

Of course it was reasonable to expect ARod to suffer a slump to bring him back down to earth, but to be that hot and then immediately follow it up with a polar opposite slump is amazing. This makes me happy, too.

On a side note, while flipping channels tonight I came across Clemens on the mound during the National Anthem, standing with a little kid. My wife, always the joker, quipped, "Who is that kid? Roger's great grandkid?"

On another side note, I have Oliver Perez in 2 fantasy baseball leagues and I was unsure about whether to start him tonight against the Yankees until I wrote my post about how anemic New York's offense has been. It was a good decision to start him.

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