Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another Joe Morgan Chat Wrap

Listening to Joe Morgan butcher the name "Lincecum" on Sunday Night Baseball tonight reminded me that it's time to dissect one of his chats again. Like before, my comments are in italics. Enjoy.

It starts with a friendly hello from Joe: "Good morning. This week wasn't as interseting as last week in baseball. Let's get started."

You just know he's the same way with his wife. "Let's get to bed. Tonight won't be as good as last night. Let's get started."

Jeff (Brooklyn): If you are managing the Yankees right now, what do you do to turn their losing streak around?

Joe Morgan: Well, the good thing is you have a veteran ball club. Last year they got off to a slow start after some guys were injured. The teams in front of you will have some adversity as well. You just have to keep playing. It's a long season.

Joe Morgan: If you have a lot of young players than it's more difficult, because they're looking for immediate results, quick results. It's tougher for younger players.

Brilliant, Joe. "You just have to keep playing." Did he even answer the question? I say no. I also wonder if he types his own answers or if he has an ESPN staffer typing them for him. Whoever it is, they suck at spelling. I prefer to think it's Joe.

Okay, I just realized this is the same chat as the last one. I just skipped these last time. I knew it was too good to be true that Joe might actually do a chat a week. I guess 8 questions and 2 games a week is too much.

Anyway, watching Sunday Night Baseball just got more interesting for me. My wife is watching something on MTV, I think, where they keep bleeping out almost everything someone says. But all I can hear from her TV is the bleeping. So whenever Joe Morgan is talking I like to pretend ESPN is bleeping him out because what he's saying is so stupid. Yes, I'm a college graduate. Can't you tell?

Maybe one day I'll do a live blog of a game Morgan does and simply break down things he says. That sounds fun... although I'm not sure I'd have a TV at the end of the game.

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