Monday, April 30, 2007

Okajima is "the real deal," says Olney

In today’s Buster Olney chat on, this question and answer came through:

Brendan (Boston): Buster, do you think Hideki Okajima's success is just hitters seeing him so few times, or is he the real thing?
Buster Olney: Brendan: He's the real deal, with that disappearing splitter/changeup/diveball, or whatever the heck he throws. We ought to start calling that pitch the Gyroball, considering how good it looks. My colleague Peter Gammons says that in the bullpen early in the season, Okajima was throwing, tinkering a little -- and John Farrell, the pitching coach -- saw him throw something he hadn't seen before. Okajima said it was his changeup. "Keep throwing that," Farrell apparently told him, and it has incredible downward movement... So far, his emergence may be the biggest development in the AL East this year.


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