Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Crap From Joe Morgan

I really loathe Joe Morgan. Most people do. This is why blogs like Awful Announcing are so popular. People are so passionate about their color guys. Anyway, they just interviewed Joe Torre and asked him why he pulled Chase Wright. He responded that Wright had just given up 4 consecutive homers and that's tough for any pitcher. They cut back to the game and Morgan observes (paraphrased), "See, that's why Joe Torre is such a good manager. That point he made about 4 home runs being tough for a pitcher."

Wow. Bleeping genius, that Joe Torre.

I could go on and on with these Joe Morgan observations, but I'm tired. He wears me out.

New drinking game: every time Joe Morgan or Jonny Miller says "Gyroball."

Joke from my friend: Chase Wright, Jaret Wright... so they have 2 Wrights and a Wang?

Har har..


mamanmae said...

That "gyroball" drinking game is genius! It could rival the intensity of the "Roxanne" drinking game!

I wonder if these announcers know how much people hate them? Does it make them gleeful to know everyone groans when they have to listen to them?

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

I could be wrong, but I believe Joe Morgan is on record as saying he doesn't like the internet. Maybe that's because everything on here is hatred for him. It's impossible for a guy like him or McCarver to not know that they are universally hated. But their networks inexplicably keep renewing their contracts.