Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lugo Living Up To Expectations

Here's where I toot my own horn. I said it back in February and Lugo is proving me right. Thus far he's been a very solid leadoff guy. He's walking more than he strikes out (13:11), his OBP is right on pace with where Johnny Damon's was with the Sox (.362), and he's even stealing a ton of bases, 2nd only to 57 year old Kenny Lofton while not being caught. You have to feel good about him getting on base 5 out of 6 times in Yankee Stadium and scoring 3 runs.

His groundball to flyball ratio is 2.41:1, which is great for a guy with his speed. He should get a lot of infield singles. He also sees almost 4 pitches per plate appearance.

I actually fell asleep fully clothed watching last night's game. It was a busy week and I missed the offensive explosion against Rivera late in the game. I did enjoy seeing Matsuzaka pick himself off the Mat and get through 6 innings after The Mess That Was The 4th Inning. I was worried when I saw JC Romero warming up in the 4th, but he wasn't needed, thankfully.

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