Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jeter's Defense Sucks

There’s been much ado about Jeter’s defense lately and I figured I’d jump in with some stats. You know how much I love to pile it on the Yankees. I will start by telling you that no defensive metric is perfect. There’s no OPS on the defensive side of things. I disregard range factor altogether. It’s too early to look at fielding percentage because 3 early errors can really skew things. Do you really think Mike Lowell (or Jeter, for that matter) is really going to commit 60 errors? No. That being said….

It’s very early, but the stats are alarming. Over 51 innings at SS, Jeter’s zone rating is an abysmal .700, 2nd to last among players with 40+ innings played at SS. Lugo’s, over 51 innings, is .846, 4th in the AL. Jeter was third worst in 2006, so this is nothing new, but he seems to have regressed even further this year and he’s getting a lot more noticed since he won another(!) Gold Glove.


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