Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Too Early to Panic

I’m so sick of hearing Sox fans panicking about the season already. It’s one game! Radio “personalities” are saying Schilling’s done and Lugo should be dropped to the bottom of the lineup. This is ridiculous. Typically I would say they’re just trying to fuel a firestorm of callers, but this is Portland, ME radio station The Big Jab with Shoe and Joe, and they’re not smart enough to think of that. I think they truly believe what they’re saying. And they had another moron come on and co-host this morning, Chris Sadaka(?), who said it’s looking like Lugo could strike out 8 times in this series. Shoe replies, “Are you serious?” Where does this number come from? How do these guys have jobs in sports talk radio? Why doesn’t WEEI come in sometimes? These are the things that frustrate me on my morning commute.

No stats this morning, just rants. I’m not worried about the Sox, just like I’m not worried about my fantasy baseball team(s).

Another rant: why the hell is there a day off the day after Opening Day? They get us excited about baseball only to take it away from us. What a letdown.


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