Friday, April 20, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

I’m posting this entry now because I want to highlight how good the Sox pitching has been before they face the Yankees.

They’re first in the AL and second in MLB with a 2.60 ERA. This is Johan Santana-good, all season long. It will be difficult to maintain this all year, obviously, but it shows how dominant they’ve been. They’re tied for first in MLB with 10 quality starts and have the best quality start percentage, at 71.4. They lead the AL and are second in MLB with a .203 BAA.

Their starters are tied for the most wins in the AL, with 8. Their starters are second in the AL with a 2.44 ERA. Sox starters lead the AL in strikeouts, with 75, in fewer games than all the other teams (14 instead of 15 or 16). Sox starters lead the majors in OPSA, at .592 and are second in WHIP, at 1.08. They lead the majors in K/9, at 7.82, and the AL in K/BB at 2.88..

The Yankee bullpen actually leads the league in BAA, at .147. The Sox bullpen is second in the AL at .186. But Boston is dead last in bullpen innings pitched, with 35.2. The Yankees, however, lead all AL teams in bullpen innings, with 60.1, and are just 2.1 innings behind MLB leaders Washington. Boston also ranks first in AL bullpen ERA, at 2.52, and are just one of 4 MLB teams without a loss and one of 4 teams without a blown save. The Yankees and Boston rank 1 and 2 in the AL in OPSA by bullpen. Their bullpen WHIP is the best in the AL, at 1.01.

Some amazing stats and fun to look at, but they’re not likely to sustain these levels all year. However, they can continue to dominate the league with their pitching staff as currently constituted. I think they will.

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