Friday, April 20, 2007

ARod is Clutch(?)

I’ve never seen a run like this in 20 years of closely following baseball. ARod is on an absolutely unbelievable tear. I’ve seen guys hit a lot of home runs in bunches, but he’s hitting game-winning home runs in bunches. I thought about linking to all the times I’ve criticized him for being “unclutch,” but it would have taken far too long. I’ve long been staunchly anti-ARod, but no one can deny how well he’s performed so far. In April. Damn, I couldn’t keep the snide comments out. He’s Mr. April. Let’s wait to crown him Mr. Studly until he’s done it in a pennant race. Some of you might say all season is the pennant race in the AL East, and I agree. I’m talking about August and September, though, and ultimately October.

Great article by Gerry Callahan today about ARod coming to play for the Sox next year.


mamanmae said...

I doubt that A-Rod would be well received if he came to Boston. He may post good numbers, but there will always be that image of him slapping the ball (2004 ALCS) in everyone’s minds. It’s hard to respect someone who would stoop to that level. Plus, if he’s not comfortable playing in New York, how on earth will he be comfortable playing Boston? He’d also miss Jeter and their sleepovers too much to come up here.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

And there will always be Sox bloggers posting daily video reminders of that play and of the purple lipstick, etc.