Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Training: The Good, The Bad, and the Varitek

Okay, so it’s only been 2 innings, but Craig Hansen appears to be headed to AAA already. He apparently looked horrible and hasn’t been back on the mound. His WHIP was 4.00 and ERA was 22.50. Your future closer. On the other hand, Joel Pineiro has been great in his past couple of outings, bringing his ERA down to 5.68 and his WHIP to below 2.00. This is exciting stuff. Your other potential closer, Mike Timlin, has been shelved indefinitely. Great times. I predict that the Sox will trade for a closer before opening day. Hideki Okajima has been great, with 6 K’s and only 2 walks in 5.2 innings. JC Romero has been great, with a WHIP of just over 1.00 and 0 earned runs.

As for starters, I’m not going to bore you with the stats that you already know, like with Schilling and Daisuke. Papelbon has picked up where he left off, with a 0.40 WHIP and 8 K’s in just 5 innings. Beckett has not given up a HR and has only walked 1 guy so far. Good start.

On the offensive side of things, Coco Crisp has been downright offensive with his .458 OPS. JD Drew is tearing the cover off the ball with an 1.188 OPS. Eric Hinske has a .933 OPS. Mike Lowell has a .535 OPS. Julio Lugo has a .750 OPS with 2 stolen bases. Brandon Moss is tearing it up with a 1.039 OPS and more walks than K’s. Dustin Pedroia is picking up where he left off in 2006 with a .459 OPS. Solid. Youkilis has been great with a 1.171 OPS. Then there’s this kid Rogers. Maybe my friend at BoSox West can tell us a little about him. He’s been awesome, leading the team in RBI at 7 and he has an OPS 1.188. He’s also leading the team in SBs with 2. Varitek is the worst of all, with an OPS of .329. Ouch.

Keep in mind these numbers are over a small sample size and IT’S ONLY SPRING TRAINING. But it’s fun to see how certain guys are doing. Let me know in the comments if you’re looking for certain stats that you can’t find.



skootchy22 said...

One of the plesant surprises of the spring has been the young guys for the sox. David Murphy, Moss, Rogers and Ellsbury have all been awesome! Assuming they will get the legendary "untouchable" lable from front office, the Sox outfield of the future could be a pretty solid group.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Agreed. Chad Spann could be good, too. I enjoyed watching them in Portland last year.