Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Schilling Answers My Question!

But not the one I posted here the other day. But it is stats-related. Check it out:

Q-An “expert” predicts Daisuke for 15 wins and a 3.75 ERA, how do I feel about that?

A-Um, let’s see. Not sure how to answer that one other than to say that prediction is probably worth less than the paper it’s printed on. I look at him as an unknown commodity, in a great way. This kid is so polished for a 26 year old. He’s pitched his best in the biggest games of his life, which usually means predictions about him suck. I think there will be a learning curve but I think his will be less steep than most, he’s that talented. I don’t think he’ll show up and throw 99 his first start out, I don’t think he has to. He’s got command of 5 pitches, including a 92-94mph fastball, and that’s more than enough to win big in this league. He’s certainly going to be doing it in the games toughest division to pitch in, in my opinion. I think he’s going to have a phenomenal season when all is said and done and those numbers I think are very pessimistic.

(again not able to de-italicize - I hate this)

I actually stated that the general consensus by "experts" is those stats. But close enough. Good answer by Mr. Schilling. I agree.

I also really liked this one (hey - no italics!):

Q-Do Tek and I keep the same notes?

A-No. Think about this a second. Tek needs to keep notes on hitters for anywhere from 12-15 pitchers, I keep notes on hitters and how they act/react to me.

Good poi (damn - they're back!)... good point by Curt here. Makes you appreciate Tek that much more.


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