Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Comment Awaits Moderation

I'm a sucker and decided to check out Curt Schilling's blog. Like most people, I wish he'd just shut up and pitch, but I can't say the guy isn't entertaining. And he is revealing info that other ballplayers would never touch. He's answering reader-submitted questions and being quite honest. All of the questions show up right on his post, like they would here if you commented on this post. I thought I'd submit one and see if he chose to respond to it. I culled data from my most recent post about Timlin closing and added a couple more tidbits of data:

I know (hope) you would never say anything bad about a teammate, but you must be concerned about these facts coming from your potential closer:
40 years old (happy birthday to him).
5 of his 6 highest appearance totals have occurred in the past 5 years, in his late 30s.
Highest OPSA of his career in 2006.
With runners on in any situation over the past 3 seasons his OPSA balloons to .778, then to .795 with RISP.
With runners on both second and third base his OPSA is now a catastrophic .949.
With RISP and 2 out it’s still high at .830.
In close and late situations it’s still .760.
To compare, Jonathan Papelbon’s close and late OPSA is .464. With RISP and 2 out it’s .329. With RISP in any situation it’s a heroic .305. Mike Timlin would be a disaster unless he just doesn’t allow any runners, which is not likely. I don’t think I need to tell you that Timlin’s stats were much worse in 2006 than the averages above from the last 3 seasons combined.
I know Timlin was “tired” after playing in the WBC and he was instrumental in the 2003-2005 seasons, but don’t his recent injuries alarm Red Sox doctors that it might be time to retire? Why didn’t he pull a Foulke a retire before the Sox had to pay him for 2007?

And I got the following message after submitting it:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Of course. Schilling isn't going to let people post negative things about himself or teammates for everyone to see. I bet he won't post mine. I'd be shocked, even though it's all fact-based. And now that I pasted in the comment awaiting moderation from his site, which was italicized, Blogger won't allow me to de-italicize this paragraph. Sorry.


dave said...

You and Dan Shaughnessy would be very happy together. He posted your comment btw.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

That's funny. Thanks, Dave. I actually loathe Dan Shaughnessy and no longer read any of his material. I like Schilling a lot as a Red Sox player; I just think he's a blowhard. There's a reason he was voted by his peers as one of the most hated players in MLB.

redsock said...

Two days ago, Curt posted:

"As you can see I've let people post that rip me, for the most part, get posted."

I haven't read enough to know if that is true. He says he deleted some comments for foul language.