Friday, March 16, 2007

Beckett Looked Better Than You Think

Don’t be fooled by Josh Beckett’s 5 innings and 3 runs allowed yesterday. He pitched better than you’d think. Only 2 of those runs were earned, thanks to a pair of errors by Alex Cora. And Beckett’s WHIP was a strong 1.20. He also fanned 6 in 5 innings while walking 0. The one dinger he gave up was a solo shot, so little harm done. I wish there was data out there showing how many pitches he threw, but I can’t find any.

The bad part came in the final inning, when Craig Hansen gave up a home run to New York’s backup catcher. Hansen is struggling and there’s no end in sight. And the Sox are reportedly watching Brad Lidge very closely, another train wreck. What can go wrong?


skootchy22 said...

Well, at least Beckett falls under the "can't get any worse unless he throws underhand" category. This year should see improvement for him. Hansen on the other hand, we dont know if he has hit bottom, is in a slump, or just cannot get it done in the bigs.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

I've read that Hansen has changed his release spot to the point where batters can see what he's throwing. Not good. At least he's still young and cheap.