Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stats Guy Special: Joel Pineiro

No one is particularly excited about Joel Pineiro, me included. But here are some bright notes:
  • In Fenway during 2006 he pitched 6.1 innings and didn't give up a run while striking out 5.
  • In 11.1 innings against the Yankees he posted a respectable 3.18 ERA.
  • On 0 days rest, which happens quite a bit as a reliever, he had a 1.93 ERA.
    • But wait... he had a 15.43 ERA on 1 day rest. Thankfully, that was in just 2.1 innings pitched.
  • He had his best OPS against in the first inning, which is a good sign for a guy who will only be pitching one inning.
    • Shit, that OPSA was .822... not exactly great.
  • He only struck out 3 times in 4 at-bats.... woohoo!!
See? We can be optimistic and kind of look on the bright side of things, right?


Anonymous said...

the new long reliever.......or 8th starter when some go down.

Skootch said...

Skootch is back!