Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!

The best part of the winter is the first photos out of Florida spring training. It's so nice on a day when I have to shovel my truck out from under a foot of snow to see the beautiful green field and the players working out. Youk has a huge goatee. Matsuzaka looks at ease with the media. Boston Dirt Dogs reported that he looked fat, but he doesn't look any different to me than he's looked in all of the pictures from Japan.

This is the stuff that gets me excited. Meaningful baseball is only 6 weeks away!


Anonymous said...

i think the press forgot there are other players other than dice-k. the season has barely started and i'm already sick of him.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

During the pitchers and catchers portion of Spring Training I typically avoid the press because they're just trying to create headlines. I love looking at the photos, though.