Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Will Pay High

Sung to the tune of "I Will Survive"

At first I was a fan, then Dirt Dog-ified
Keep thinking I could never live without Trupe on my ride
And I spend so many nights
Thinking how great is RemDawg?
And I grew strong
And I knew the season's very long
And so we're back.. from third place
I just logged on to find you'd signed Lugo to join the race
You should have fixed your right field problem
You can't seriously trust J.D.
If you'd've thought for just one second Manny'd be back with his sore knee
Go on now, across the shore
Just turn around now,
We're not in third anymore
Weren't you the one who raised the tickets so high?
Did we enjoy your AL crumble?
Did we like to see you die?
Oh no not I... I'll still pay high
Oh as long as Tek's behind the plate I know you'll stay alive
I give all the props to Crisp
And God of Walks Youkilis and I'll pay high,
I will pay high. Dice-K!
It took all the Papi you had not to fall apart
Kept tryin' hard to find some starters at Wal-Mart,
And you spent so many nights
Watching Beckett give up runs. You used to try
To trade Trot for some other guy
And you see Lugo.. somebody new
He's not that web gem master... the Reds got him too,
And so you feel like calling Rog
And just expect him to be free,
But he's savin' all his lovin' for your rivals, the Yankees.

Okay, so this sucks, but it's my way of saying I can't wait for baseball to start and I'm back and blogging. I know I'm the Stats Guy, but you'll find more posts not related to stats this year. I'll also be posting more frequently, but with shorter posts. My new e-mail address is or you can post a comment on any post. Let's hear it! What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? Most nervous for? For me, I'm most excited about another season with Big Papi and seeing Matsuzaka. I'm most nervous for another season of Timlin in the 'pen and his 8 million ERA. Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

wow, that was awesome, i just cant wait to watch a sport other than basketball, and, though i enjoy hockey, the bruins are giving me a migraine yet again this season, lets go SOX