Monday, September 25, 2006

Response to E-mail

I received an interesting e-mail this morning that I feel the need to respond to:

Hey you-You have the weakest,most pathetic,horrible web site I have ever seen in my life. You are just worthless and that nasty stuff you say about players-Damon-Pedro-Wakefield and some media, well let me tell you I'd like nothing better than to stare you right in the eye and throw you thru a window. You are a gutless piece of crap and are a disgrace to Red Sox Nation. You make me sick.You make vicious attacks on these guys and hide behind your keyboard like a coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please pull the plug on the worst web site ever. Let's see if you have the balls to post this item- You creep!!!!!!! Paul Hughes Saco Maine

Thanks for writing. I read this e-mail several hours ago and actually formulated a response similar to your style of writing and was going to be very rude in my response back. But I decided to think more about it and have decided to be a little more professional. I'll tackle each issue separately.
1. Damon/Pedro/Wakefield comments. Pedro has always been and will probably always be my favorite pitcher/baseball character of all time. I'm not sure what you're referring to her. I also love Tim Wakefield. If I had disparaging remarks about either of them, they were statistically/injury based and not opinion. I have been very clear about how much I like and respect these guys. As for Damon, I hope you're prepared to send a similar e-mail to bloggers and journalists everywhere because my opinion about him is extremely common.
2. As for being a disgrace, that's a bit strong. I've been doing my website for 6 months and yours is the first negative e-mail I've ever received. I have received constructie criticism, but nothing as nasty as yours.

If you don't like my site, there's a very simple solution: don't visit it. I have the consitutional right to post my opinions and you have the right to not read them. That's the beauty of this country. You wasted a lot of time writing that e-mail and all it did was motivate me to write more often on my site. It's a shame that you would take the time out of your day to attack me for my opinions or for objective analysis of statistics.


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul, Quit kissing Johnny "Greedy and Needy" Damon's butt. I'm sure in Saco you probably havent even been notified yet but we let him go last year.

Shawn said...

"You wasted a lot of time writing that e-mail and all it did was motivate me to write more often on my site."

Cool, because there was a gap lately.
How can I sound sport wise to my friends without sucking at the teet of the RSSG. Answer, "I can't." So, keep up with the horrible site. Some of us need you post to help us continue to sound as smart as you.