Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wily Mo's Improving Plate Discipline

Been busy this week with work and family, but I wanted to post a quick analysis of Wily Mo's plate discipline. He only had 149 at-bats before tonight's game, which is about half of his totals from the previous two years, but there is definite improvement. It's obvious that he has made the transition from NL to AL better than most guys. You can look at several different stats to judge plate discipline. Let's start with the most common, which is on base percentage (OBP):
2003: .283
2004: .316
2005: .304
2006: .367

That's a nice little trend there. He's getting better and he's still very young at 24 years old. David Ortiz didn't find his game until he was 27, when most guys reach their prime. Another good gauge of improvement is BB/PA and he's improved from .060 each of the past two years to .083 this year. It's a small jump, but it's something. Coco Crisp, as comparison, is at .063 BB/PA. His BB/K have gone from .17 to .30 this year. He's still pacing for approximately 150 strikeouts, but we can live with that if he sports a .500+ OPS at the age of 24 and 25 while he learns. The guy is making 1.25 million dollars this year and has been great. He has hit two absolute monster jacks and he's fun to watch. He looks like he's enjoying playing.

Meanwhile, Arroyo continues to slide back to expected levels.

If the Sox put Wily Mo Pain-ya in the 5th spot in the batting order, he'd get a lot of RBI and would see better pitches. I think that's the best spot for him.


skootch said...

Willy MO hits dongs harder than I have ever seen. Fenway will have to start reinforcing the wall to keep him from knocking it over.

e61180nots said...

I like what Willy Mo is doing this year. Not only is he walking more, but it seems like he is seeing more pitches/plate appearance then in the past. I have seen a couple of times when he took a very close pitch instead of swinging away like he would have done in the past. Hopefully the improvement will continue.