Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random Team Stats

I was wrong - I'm back for more statistical analysis today. Here are some random stats from the season for the Sox through Friday night's game. All rankings are among AL teams.

Runs: 627 (2nd)
HR: 149 (3rd)
BA: .282 (6th)
OBP: .363 (1st)
SLG: .458 (4th)
OPS: .821 (T-2nd)
OPS in the last 7 days: .803 (8th)
OPS vs. left-handers: .799 (5th)
OPS vs. right-handers: .830 (2nd)
OPS at home: .847 (2nd)
OPS on the road: .798 (3rd)
OPS during day games: .775 (5th)
OPS during night games: .838 (2nd)
OPS pre-all-star break: .823 (3rd)
OPS post ASB: .811 (4th)
OPS in August: .817 (5th)
OPS with bases empty: .825 (1st - by far)
OPS with runners on: .815 (6th)
OPS with RISP: .764 (9th) - yikes - not good!
OPS with RISP and 2 outs: .784 (6th)
OPS with the bases loaded: .660 (12th) - and they lead the league in based loaded at-bats. Kansas City is at .739 in these situations, by the way.
OPS Close and Late: .784 (3rd) - carried by Ortiz.
OPS vs. potential playoff teams:
OPS vs. the Yankees: .840 (1st)
OPS vs. the Tigers: .697 (8th)
OPS vs. the White Sox: .813 (6th)
OPS vs. the A's: .782 (4th)
OPS vs. the Twins: .599 (12th)

ERA: .459 (8th)
Strikeouts: 778 (3rd)
BAA: .271 (8th)
BAA last 7 days: .309: (13th)
ERA last 7 days: .459 (8th)
ERA at home: .422 (8th)
BAA at home: .264 (8th)
ERA on the road: .492 (8th)
BAA on the road: .277 (6th)
ERA during day games: .413 (5th)
BAA during day games: .267 (9th)
ERA during night games: .477 (10th)
BAA during night games: .273 (7th)
ERA pre-all-star break: .454 (8th)
BAA pre-all-star break: .263 (4th)
ERA post ASB: .475 (9th)
BAA post ASB: .296 (12th)
ERA during August: .466 (11th)
BAA during August: .313 (14th - last)
ERA for starters: .484 (9th)
BAA for starters: .275 (6th)
ERA for relievers: .411 (7th)
BAA for relievers: .264 (10th)
ERA with bases empty: .234 (10th)
BAA with bases empty: .273 (10th)
ERA with RISP: 9.38 (7th)
BAA with RISP: .271 (7th)
ERA with bases loaded: 7.71 (2nd)
ERA close and late: 4.05 (12th)
ERA against potential playoff teams:
Yankees: 5.38 (8th)
White Sox: 3.47 (1st)
Twins: 5.60 (11th)
A's: 4.50 (9th)
Tigers: 3.81 (6th)

You tell me where their problem lies. No wait, that's what I'm here for. They need some serious changes on the pitching staff. Hopefully Boomer can help them. And if they have a sudden turnaround starting this week, don't discount the return of pitching coach Dave Wallace being the reason.

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