Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Papi for President

I usually like to put the Elias Sports Bureau notes on my regular website, but today's just couldn't wait for the weekend. After last night's showing Elias had several notes that had to be shared today:

• David Ortiz hit a walkoff home run -- the eighth of his career and his third in 51 days -- to give the Red Sox a 9-8 win over the Indians. Over the last 10 seasons, the only other players to hit three walkoff homers in that short a span of time were Barry Bonds (over 29 days in 2003) and Rafael Palmeiro (51 days in 1998).

• Ortiz has hit 21 home runs in 138 at-bats in Late-Inning Pressure Situations since Aug. 1, 2004. Over that two-year period, no other player has hit more than 13 homers in LIPS. Ryan Howard ranks second with 13; Andruw Jones , Albert Pujols, and Aramis Ramirez share third place with 12.

• Ortiz drove in four runs Monday, raising his total for the season to 105 RBI. That's not only the most in the majors, it's the highest total in Red Sox history through the end of July. The previous record was 104, set by Ted Williams and Vern Stephens in 1949.

I think his run at the MVP is even more difficult this year, but he's certainly helping himself out. This year he has to compete with Giambi, Thome, etc, but his late inning heroics are setting him apart. In fact, I went to sleep last night during the 8th inning with the Sox down 8-6. When I woke up this morning, I ran to the computer to see if he had won it with a 3-run shot. This is what we've come to expect.

If you look at that stat that he's hit 21 HR in 138 LIPS and project it out over a 600 at-bat season, he would hit 91 home runs. Need I say anymore about his clutch hitting?


TheYurtingYeti said...

If the entire RSN put Papi as a write in, do you think he'd have a chance to lead this country?

He's definately more clutch than Bush...

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

I think voters would see him as a DH and say he doesn't play the field enough to be President.

Anonymous said...

My God! The guy never misses in clutch situations; obviously sometimes he does, but you are right I shut off the game after 8 as well, and when I saw the 4 text messages on my cell phone early the next morning, I knew it was because Papi had won it again!

skootch said...

I said that above, but only now figured out how to name myself.

MamanMae said...

You know I was feeling all mopey yesterday, all feeling like Lindsay Blohan after a 3 day coke binge over the Abreu to the Yankees news … But then David Ortiz knocked the skanky feeling right out of me.