Monday, August 21, 2006

No Stats, Just Emotion

Friday morning, I told a coworker that I wouldn't at all be shocked to see the Yankees sweep this 5 game series. Did I expect it to happen? No, but I wouldn't be shocked. Now we're 80% of the way to fruition. Look, the Sox aren't out of the running and are far from being mathematically eliminated, but they're done. Their pitching cannot keep them in games as currently constituted. Mercifully, Craig Hansen was sent down to AAA after his ERA ballooned to a level that even Jose Canseco could improve upon with his knuckleball. Mike Timlin needs to be taken behind the Wall and shot like a horse with a broken leg.

Meanwhile, if you need a Red Sox pick-me-up, and I'm sure you do, check out this video. I know you've seen a dozen of these, but this is one of the best.

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skootch said...

I agree it nice to see change at least, even if it wont help. No more Rudy for now at least, the Hansen move is good, and I suspect we have seen the last of Timlin in a sox uniform after this year, hopefully due to retirement. Now if we can just get rid of Clement, Tavarez and Beckett, team ERA might see 5.00 by the end of the season. That and if we can get Pap to pitch 6 innings to close games instead of 1.