Saturday, August 05, 2006

Follow-up to my Javy Post

I was surprised to wake up this morning and find 12 comments on my post about how Javy Lopez is overrated. I discovered that the post was linked on and several hundred people unexpectedly read it. I did get some heat about the Catcher's ERA stat, which is understandable. I'd never used the stat before that I can recall and regrettably used it because it helped illustrate my point that he is in quick decline. Unfortunately, I did the post and research on my lunch break, which is limited to a half hour, and never considered the different pitching staffs with which Lopez had to work in the different years. The commenters all had good points that in 2003, with Atlanta, his CERA was far better because he had a much better pitching staff than he did in Baltimore. The next time I use that stat, I'll make sure I do my research.

Also, at the time of the post, I did not know that the Orioles were sending quite a large sum of cash with Lopez to the Sox. While I still don't like it or Lopez, it seems a little better now. If Adam Stern does in fact end up going as part of the trade, I'll miss the little guy. A breakout during the World Series of Baseball thingy, or whatever it was called, Stern was a good player that fans liked. I hope they stop playing that awfully awkward commercial on NESN where he puts his hand on Hazel Mae's shoulder then quickly removes it, like he's a virgin touching a hot girl for the first time. But we all know about how NESN likes to continue playing commercials way after their shelf life has ended (see: "Did you see that catch Coco made?").

That being said, I really liked one of the comments someone put on Deadspin, something to the effect of, "The only guy Javy can throw out is Bengie Molina. Good luck, Sox fans!"

Just turned the game on and it looks like Wells was pitching reasonably well, but a Big Papi error caused 4 unearned runs? Well, he's won so many for us, we really can't hold it against him. But we need to blame someone, so how about Francona for putting him in at first base? Nahh... everyone needs a night off once in a while, so Papi will play first base a few AL games per year.

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