Thursday, August 03, 2006

Arroyo's Value is Declining

One of the very first articles I ever wrote on was about the Arroyo/Pena trade and how everyone should calm down; that Arroyo was overrated and Pena was a steal. Check it out here from 3/28/06. Then, when Arroyo was pitching well and cracking homers left and right, I wrote this on 4/12/06:
"No, the Sox are not bringing back Bronson Arroyo to be their DH. Did you see the picture of him during spring training wearing shorts and a t-shirt? My two year-old son nearly outweighs this guy. His home runs are flukes. Don't get caught up in the hype. And yes, he's pitching well, but he always does to start the season. His ERA in 2005 (in the more powerful AL), at the end of April was just 3.69. In fact, after his May 25th start, it was 3.19. It went way downhill from there, as I detailed in (my 3/28 article linked above). In 2004, his ERA as of May 15th was 3.53. Maybe he'll come through better in 2006. I've been wrong before (like when I picked the Sox to win it all every spring training from 1987-2003)."

My point is that I have been one of the few level-headed Sox fans who liked the trade and felt that Arroyo would come back to earth, even in the weaker NL. Well here's to being right. Arroyo in July: 0-3, 5.45 ERA. He's now tried 8 times unsuccessfully for his 10th win. His first start in August wasn't any better, going 6 innings and giving up 4 in a 10-4 loss.

How about Wily Mo? Before Wednesday's game (in which he homered) he was sporting a .328 average and a .919 OPS. Not too shabby. He's now playing every day since Nixon's on the DL. I do have to stand by my point that he's better suited for center in Fenway. His zone rating in right (.828) is even worse than Trot's (.853), which is atrocious. I wonder if he can catch?

By the way, gives this pronunciation of his name:
"Willie Moe, PAIN-ya." I love it! What's he gonna do? PAIN-ya!


skootch said...

Willie Moe can grip an entire poland springs bottle (yay Maine!) with his thumb and first two fingers. The guy is a monster! I can only hope that he doesnt get the most dreaded crappy nickname I have ever heard uttered by a sports center anchor last night "Little Papi." That will never catch on...I hope.

Anonymous said...

RedSoxStatsGuy is cool, and his short legged son is sure cute.