Monday, July 31, 2006

Trade Imminent, Other Rumors reports that the Sox are on the verge of a deal with the Pirates for Kip Wells. I hope all they're giving up for him is Craig Grebeck. God, this guy is bad. Here are his ERAs the past 4 years: 3.28, 4.55, 5.09, 6.69. And those are in the NL! In case you (like me) think that ERAs are partially affected by luck, here are some other stats:
K/9 the past 3 years: 7.55, 6.53, 3.96.
K/BB: 1.93, 1.76, 1.33, 0.89.
BAA: .233, .270, .266, .319.
OPSA: .680, .753, .796, .870.

One bright spot is that he gives up nearly 2 groundballs for every flyball, which might be good with this Sox infield defense. also reported that the Sox and Braves were close to a trade that would send Coco and Hansen for Andruw Jones, but the Braves then demanded Lester as well. If this happens, I'm swearing off the Sox.

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TheYurtingYeti said...

LOL ... You swear off the Sox? RSSG, I'd like to see you try to swear off the Sox.

What would become of your sites then?