Monday, July 31, 2006

Open Letter to Theo Epstein

Dear Mr. Epstein,

I appreciate everything you've done since becoming the GM of the Red Sox. Okay, most of what you've done (see: the bullpen). I am now hearing the trade deadline rumors and everything points to a "big deal." I'm worried that you're just trying to make the fans happy. That you're going to mortgage the farm for this year. Do you listen to sports talk radio? We're happy with where the team is heading! We love our prospects! We haven't had prospects since the mid-'90s! Please, please don't trade them.

The rumor I hear now is that you're going to trade Mike Lowell and prospects for Julio Lugo and Scott Linebrink. Haven't you learned anything from your Tavarez/Seanez mistake? These mediocre, aging NL guys can't hack it in the superior AL. And Linebrink pitches in a gigantic, pitcher-friendly park. He is destined to fail in Fenway and the AL. And where would we play Lugo? Certainly not at SS, considering we have the best SS we've had during my lifetime. How about 2B? Why not trade Loretta for some better bullpen help and bring up Dustin Pedroia?

I'd like to make an offer to you. You hire me, pay me $75,000 per year, and I can be there to bounce these ideas off of. My primary job would be to simply yell at you, "He's mediocre IN THE NL!!! He'll SUCK here!!" or "Don't trade him! We have a mancrush on him!" I think this can be very beneficial to both of us. I have a way to directly vent my anger, along with Red Sox Nation's, to the Red Sox front office. And you get the point of view of the fans that you're trying so hard to please.

Mike Lowell has been way better than expected. I understand that you want to get some value for him while you can. But his defense is a stabilizing force in the best infield defense in baseball.

If you leave the team relatively alone, Red Sox Nation will remain happy. We do want to get rid of Tavarez, though. Hell, I'd trade David Murphy for a decent middle reliever to replace him. But he's the best prospect that I'm willing to trade for a middle reliever. If we're trading top-line prospects, we should be getting back more than a crappy, aging NL middle reliever.

Theo, trust me. I am the voice of The Nation.

Red Sox Stats Guy


Anonymous said...

I hope you send this and keep us posted if Theo responds:-D

You are the voice of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Good point about Lowell. After having to take his salary to get Beckett, the way he has played is like finding money in an old pair of pants, something you didn't expect but are thrilled to have gotten.

Anonymous said...

"considering we have the best SS we've had during my lifetime."

Unless you're the age of the child in your profile, you're forgetting our friend Nomah. Sure, he was no great shakes on defense, but somehow I think .357/.418/.603 and .372/.434/.599 in consecutive years might make up for that. How quickly we forget.

Anonymous said...

you have nothing the Red Sox SUCK - Let's Go YANKEES!!!!!!!!

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Good point about Nomar.. I should have been more specific. I meant to say that A-Gon is the best defensive SS of my lifetime. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

Linebrink is actually 29, so not really aging, and he has also been far from mediocre. The last Padres middle reliever traded to the AL is now anchoring the Rangers' bullpen as their closer, and Linebrink was considered better than Otsuka when they pitched together. So, this deal would help your bullpen.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

You're misunderstanding my post. I like Linebrink. He's on one of my fantasy baseball teams. My point is that it's not worth giving up the future for this year. Remember Larry Anderson?

Manny!Manny!Manny! said...

You are the voice of reason.

Fortunately, I think Theo thinks like you (since the deadline has come and gone with no notification so far of the Red Sox throwing the baby out with the bathwater).