Monday, July 31, 2006

Good Non-Moves

Theo obviously reads my blog because shortly after my letter to him and my post about how much Kip Wells sucks, he apparently changed his mind about making some deals. I take full credit for it. I'm happy Theo didn't make any of the proposed moves. I would have liked a middle reliever, but the price was way too steep. Plus, Seanez hasn't given up a run in 6 innings! His ERA is below 4! Hi WHIP is only 1.00 in those 6 innings! Test this guy for steroids!

How much is Wily Mo impressing everyone? He's been a stud. I have not been impressed with Trot Nixon since 2003, so I've been arguing all year to keep Wily Mo and use him to replace Trot. Then he goes and plants a broken bat line drive off the wall followed by a HUGE home run the next night. And he does the little things by backing up an errant throw into right field. Had he not been backing that up, the runner would have reached third base. I'm thrilled with Wily Mo.

On a side note, has anyone noticed the "Free Renteria Jersey" ads that pop up with Red Sox ads? You might see it above this post. I find it hilarious that some company is still paying to have people directed to buy an "Authentic" home Renteria Sox jersey. Are people still buying these? Did anyone buy them after May of 2005?

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